Commercial Business Property (Tenant)

Store Keeper's Contents
Example: If you own a clothing store, or an electronics store, but rent the building or space, let us help you:
  • Assess all damage to your business property.
  • Compile a detailed inventory of your business' property.
  • Assess damages to the improvements and installations you have made. Example: Tile floor, drop ceiling, or other improvements you, the tenant, have made to the space.
  • Photograph/video your losses.
  • Meet with company adjusters.
  • Manage your claim from start to finish, tending to your every need.
  • Prepare a business interruption claim.

Commercial Building

Actual Structure of the Building
Example: If you own the actual building, warehouse, lofts, and rent the space out to someone, or even just own it for your own personal use or business, let us help you:
  • Assess all structural damage to the building.
  • Photograph/video the loss.
  • Report all findings to company adjuster.
  • Prepare your loss of rent claim.
  • Tend to your every need in the process of managing your claim.