Our professional experience and knowledge of fire claims will give you piece of mind in knowing that you have a capable public adjusters are on the job. Even if your policy has lapsed, you may be entitled to a recovery! Furthermore, we are constantly amazed at how many victims of property loss let an insurance company's adjuster tell them how much their loss is worth.

You need an insurance settlement professional on your side to help with insurance claims, property insurance settlements, and possibly to help increase your insurance settlement amount.


Every year, hail and windstorms cause approximately $2 billion in damages to homes nationwide. Wind storms and hail are especially detrimental to a home's siding, gutters and roof. This can lead to water leaks, which can severely damage your property. It is up to you to assess these damages in your home. Friedman Public Adjusters, Inc. will evaluate damages from wind storms with roof experts, engineers and infrared cameras to pinpoint the source of the problems. We then prepare your claim and negotiate on your behalf. Typically, your whole roof will need replacement. Otherwise, it may be difficult to match materials in the process of spot replacement and repair. For instance, white siding made in 1999 does not match siding made in 2009. In this case, an adjustment must be made.

Unfortunately, it is up to you to protect your property from further damage. We can assist you by sending out a crew to board up, seal, and safeguard your home or business.